Guntin & Gust and Clarivate, working together to deliver consistent results for our clients

Guntin & Gust has been utilizing Clarivate’s FoundationIP (FIP) docketing software for over a decade. During this time, Ed Guntin, G&G President and Managing Partner, has worked with Clarivate as a member of their Innovation Board, assisting them with development of new features and improved functionality. In this video, Ed speaks about the link between the quality of service the firm provides to clients and the FIP tool that supports that delivery.

Key take-aways:

  1. Everything the client sees, hears or touches has to be exceptional. Therefore the tools a firm uses to support the services they provide to a client must be equally exceptional.
    1. Tools must be customizable to the specific needs of the client
    2. Processes can be uniquely tailored to each client
  2. Reporting functions of FoundationIP have allowed us to combine specially formatted reports with our own proprietary programming to develop attorney work schedules which allow the firm to:
    1. Balance attorney workloads, increasing productivity and efficient delivery to clients
    2. Provide a 3 month preview of an attorney’s schedule, allowing the firm to complete matters in a timely and mindful manner
  3. This cloud-based solution enables the firm to access docketing information any time, anywhere
    1. Allows for the ability to consistently deliver high quality to clients
    2. Customization and accuracy have aided in the development of client relationships