Congratulations to Atanu Das for being named a Diversity Champion in WIPR’s 2024 Survey on Diversity in IP

We are proud of your work in promoting awareness and positive change in the IP community.

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Partner Atanu Das to Moderate WIPR Summit’s Diversity & Inclusion in IP Practice Panel

Please join Atanu Das, on Wednesday, March 20th at the WIPR Summit 2024. The panel will discuss the challenges and guidelines in building a diverse workforce.

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Guntin & Gust and Clarivate, working together to deliver consistent results for our clients

Everything the client sees, hears or touches has to be exceptional. Therefore, the suppliers and tools a firm utilizes must also be exceptional.

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G&G Delighted to be a Table Sponsor at the recent IPLAC 2023 Judges’ Dinner

This event provided a wonderful opportunity to visit with clients and meet with fellow attendees.

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Guntin & Gust captures #1 spot for Top 100 Best Performing Patent Prosecution Law Firms

G&G continues to lead in patent prosecution performance as ranked by Patexia, in both High-Tech and Overall.

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G&G Events

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Upcoming Events:

Date Event
3/29/2024 G&G 14 Year Anniversary
3/20/2024 Atanu Das moderating the DEI panel at the WIPR Summit in Chicago
5/27/2024 Memorial Day
7/4/2024 Independence Day
9/2/2024 Labor Day
10/23/2024 National Paralegal Day



World IP Review (WIPR) has published their Diversity’s Top 100 List for 2024.  The list identifies outstanding contributors to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and salutes their efforts to promote awareness and change within the IP community.  The list is divided into 4 categories:  Influential Women, Diversity Champions, Trailblazers and Change Drivers.

G&G is excited to share that Atanu Das (who prefers to be referred to as Das) has been recognized as a Diversity Champion.  We are very proud of Das’ commitment to DEI and his continuing efforts to effect positive change in the IP community. 

Das we applaud your hard work and dedication to DEI and celebrate this well-deserved recognition.  Congratulations!

Learn more about the contributions that earned Das’ distinction as a Diversity Champion here:  Das’ Diversity Champion profile


World IP Review, WIPR, is a news source providing information and events affecting the IP community.  Their daily newsletters and quarterly publications report on IP issues facing businesses, in-house counsel and IP lawyers.  Additionally, WIPR produces a number of Technology and Life Science IP events worldwide.



Atanu Das, Guntin & Gust Partner and Chief DEI Officer of IPLAC will be the moderator for the Diversity & Inclusion in IP Practice Panel
at the upcoming WIPR Summit 2024 in Chicago.

Date:  Wednesday, March 20th

Session time:  11:40am – 12:20pm

WIR Topic Excerpt:  “Crucial to hiring, retaining and developing your staff is having a diversity and inclusion program that gives opportunities to
team members with potential regardless of their background. Building AI and machine learning-driven products also point more than ever
towards the need to create a more diverse workforce to eliminate any bias in product development.”

Panelists include:  Braxton Davis, Associate General Counsel, Patents, Meta and Rathna Koka, Executive Director, IP Strategy, JP Morgan Chase

Learn more about the WIPR Summit 2024 and sign up here:



Guntin & Gust has been utilizing Clarivate’s FoundationIP (FIP) docketing software for over a decade. During this time, Ed Guntin, G&G President and Managing Partner, has worked with Clarivate as a member of their Innovation Board, assisting them with development of new features and improved functionality. In this video, Ed speaks about the link between the quality of service the firm provides to clients and the FIP tool that supports that delivery.

Key take-aways:

  1. Everything the client sees, hears or touches has to be exceptional. Therefore the tools a firm uses to support the services they provide to a client must be equally exceptional.
    1. Tools must be customizable to the specific needs of the client
    2. Processes can be uniquely tailored to each client
  2. Reporting functions of FoundationIP have allowed us to combine specially formatted reports with our own proprietary programming to develop attorney work schedules which allow the firm to:
    1. Balance attorney workloads, increasing productivity and efficient delivery to clients
    2. Provide a 3 month preview of an attorney’s schedule, allowing the firm to complete matters in a timely and mindful manner
  3. This cloud-based solution enables the firm to access docketing information any time, anywhere
    1. Allows for the ability to consistently deliver high quality to clients
    2. Customization and accuracy have aided in the development of client relationships




Thank you to IPLAC for hosting this wonderful event. G&G was happy to celebrate Judge Cunningham’s incredible accomplishments and the added opportunity to meet with clients, fellow attendees and forge new acquaintances.

Congratulations to Judge Tiffany P. Cunningham of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for receiving this year’s IPLAC Distinguished Judicial Service Award.

Special thanks also to clients and colleagues who joined us for the evening, those pictured below as well as Linhda Nguyen (UHG) and Kyle Chen (JPMC) not pictured. The occasion offered the chance to spend time getting to know one another outside of our offices. So great to see everyone there!


 From left to right:  Miyoung Shin (G&G), Rathna Koka (JPMC), Lucien Carter (JPMC), Ed Guntin (G&G), Ann Palma (Saint-Gobain),
Selam Getaneh (JPMC), Zain Sadiq (JPMC), Lisa Becker (JPMC), Atanu Das (G&G)


IPLAC – Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago, is the first association of its kind in the US. The organization is committed to protecting innovation both in Chicago and nationally, “by advancing the tenets of IP law in order to serve our members and greater community.” IPLAC accomplishes their mission by offering members opportunities for professional growth and development, networking opportunities and events that serve to create a diverse and inclusive environment while promoting the advancement of IP law.






Patexia evaluates over 3000 law firms nationally and
tens of thousands attorneys annually to deliver
independent rankings on the top 100 firms based on
activity and performance.

Per Patexia, firm performance is measured by efficiency,
which Patexia defines as based on a firm’s success in
obtaining “a valid patent with the broadest feasible claim
in a cost effective and efficient manner.”



In Patexia’s Patent Prosecution 2023 Intelligence Report, Guntin & Gust continued to earn the top spots in two categories:

#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms in High-Tech
#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms Overall

Additionally, G&G achieved a top 100 ranking for the Top 100 Most Active Firms for 2023.


The firm also had the following six attorneys who made it onto the list of Top 100 Performing Attorneys for High Tech:

• Jay Anderson
• Atanu Das
• Robert Gingher
• Andrew Gust
• Doug Schnabel
• Ralph Trementozzi


About Patexia:

Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and trans­parency to intellectual property by leveraging the power of data, technology, and experts, Patexia is the largest network for IP professionals with over 100,000 profiles. We offer IP services in four ar­eas: Lateral Opportunity and Recruiting, IP Analyt­ics and Insights, Expert Services, and Patent due diligence. Contact us today to learn more.