Guntin & Gust captures #1 spot for Top 100 Best Performing Patent Prosecution Law Firms

G&G continues to lead in patent prosecution performance as ranked by Patexia, in both High-Tech and Overall.

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Guntin & Gust’s commitment to quality and client service evident in Clarivate case study.

G&G has worked with Clarivate to consistently deliver timely and accurate customized services, bringing value to clients.

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G&G earns top ranking in Juristat 2022 Survey for 4th year in a row

The firm achieved a #1 placement for Allowance Rate Ranking in Tech Center 2600 and 6th overall.

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Atanu Das Proud of DE&I Committee Recognition as Recipient of the IPLAC Committee of the Year Award

The hard work and multichannel programming efforts of the committee recognized with this award.

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For second year, Guntin & Gust earns Patent Bots Top Quality Awards

G&G places high in2022 Rankings for both Tech Centers 2400 and 2600, as well as Overall.

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G&G Events

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3/29/2023 G&G 13 Year Anniversary
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5/29/2023 Memorial Day
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10/23/2023 National Paralegal Day






Patexia evaluates over 3000 law firms nationally and
tens of thousands attorneys annually to deliver
independent rankings on the top 100 firms based on
activity and performance.

Per Patexia, firm performance is measured by efficiency,
which Patexia defines as based on a firm’s success in
obtaining “a valid patent with the broadest feasible claim
in a cost effective and efficient manner.”



In Patexia’s Patent Prosecution 2023 Intelligence Report, Guntin & Gust continued to earn the top spots in two categories:

#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms in High-Tech
#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms Overall

Additionally, G&G achieved a top 100 ranking for the Top 100 Most Active Firms for 2023.


The firm also had the following six attorneys who made it onto the list of Top 100 Performing Attorneys for High Tech:

• Jay Anderson
• Atanu Das
• Robert Gingher
• Andrew Gust
• Doug Schnabel
• Ralph Trementozzi


About Patexia:

Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and trans­parency to intellectual property by leveraging the power of data, technology, and experts, Patexia is the largest network for IP professionals with over 100,000 profiles. We offer IP services in four ar­eas: Lateral Opportunity and Recruiting, IP Analyt­ics and Insights, Expert Services, and Patent due diligence. Contact us today to learn more.



Read the article below to learn more about how G&G has worked with Clarivate to consistently deliver timely
and accurate customized services, to bring value to clients.











For the last four years in a row, Guntin & Gust has earned a #1 Ranking
for Allowance Rate in Tech Center 2600 while also achieving a Top 10
ranking overall for this Tech Center.




G&G provides IP services in the following USPTO Tech Centers:

Technology Center 2600 – provides examination for patent applications relating to Communications

Technology Center 2400 – provides examination for patent applications including Computer Networks, Multiplex, Cable and Cryptography/Security

Below are snapshots of Juristat’s 2022 rankings in these 2 Tech Centers.


Juristat ranks national IP firms annually and requires that firms meet a volume threshold (minimum of 100 applications disposed in a tech center within the 12 months being reviewed) to be included in the report. They then evaluate each IP firm’s performance based on three key metrics:

    • Number of applications filed
    • Allowance rate
    • Average number of office actions before allowance

For more detailed information on Juristat and their ranking methodology visit Juristat.


Five years ago, Atanu Das, Partner at Guntin &Gust, founded the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC). Mr. Das identified an opportunity for a committee to increase awareness of DE&I issues among IPLAC members and correspondingly to aid in promoting changes within the expanded IP community. He subsequently served as co-chair of the committee for several years. Mr. Das has spearheaded a significant push in DE&I programming in an effort to accelerate learning and initiate change.

Mr. Das developed a DE&I program of events that included topical internal book club and film discussions enabling further education, open communication and sharing of personal experiences. CLE programming and special developmental seminars were also created for patent agents, attorneys and IP professionals throughout the Chicago area, focusing on the issues involved in providing equity in the workplace.

Additional targeted programming has been conducted through student outreach. As a Distinguished Scholar in Residence for Loyola University School of Law, Mr. Das’ experience provides the insight to work with under-represented student groups, such as the Society of Women Engineers. Early educational programming that introduces these students to the connections between STEM and law is a key factor in promoting future careers in IP law.

In recognition of their hard work and multichannel programming efforts, IPLAC announced the DE&I Committee as the winner of the Committee Award for Most Impactful committee in 2021.


IPLAC’s DE&I Committee “promotes diversity, equity and inclusion within IPLAC itself and the Chicago IP Community at large through programming, outreach, opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship, assessing opportunities for improving diversity and formulating diversity equity, and inclusion strategies.”



Patent Bots’ automated patent proofreading tool is used to review all of the issued patents in the prior year.  Only firms and companies with a minimum of 50 issued patents for the year are included in the review.  The quality scores awarded to firms are based on the average number of errors found in issued patents.

For their 2022 Patent Quality Rankings, Patent Bots reviewed over 300,000 patents and ranked the 736 most active patent law firms.  Their review covers: average number of numbering, antecedent basis, and word support errors detected in patents.

Guntin & Gust earned top rankings in Tech Centers 2400 and 2600 and an overall ranking in the top 25.


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