“Strategies for Managing U.S. & Foreign Patent Prosecution” presented at IP Counsel Café.

Ed Guntin, presenter and panel moderator, provided an overview of the challenges and strategies facing law firms and inside counsel.

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Guntin & Gust Earns Top 10 Ranking on Patexia’s List of Best Performing Patent Prosecution Firms

The Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report ranks the top IP law firms and companies based on activity, efficiency and performance.

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G&G sponsors Lunch and Learn for Society of Women Engineers

Ed Guntin and Atanu Das, invited panelists to join in presenting “Engineering – Career Path to Intellectual Property.”

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G&G’s Erik Boyd discusses new docketing tool

Learn about the benefits of Foundation IP’s IP One Data System.

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Atanu Das’ profile featured on Loyola Chicago School of Law website

Loyola alumnus, Atanu Das, on his current role, “I enjoy serving as a facilitator for learning the law.

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The theme for the 2019 Conference in Palo Alto, “Global IP in an Increasingly Connected Yet Foreign World,” spoke to an area of concern for many companies and law firms.  As moderator for the “Strategies for Managing U.S. & Foreign Patent Prosecution” presentation, Ed Guntin opened the discussion with an overview of some of the challenges facing both law firms and inside counsel today.  The panelists (see list below) spoke about issues that had affected their companies and discussed strategies that could improve results while managing costs.

Topics covering proper management of international portfolios included:

  • Policy objectives for IDS submissions that
    - Avoids a deluge of submissions,
    - Satisfies duty of disclosure, and
    - Conforms to inequitable conduct standard
  • Techniques for avoiding inconsistent representations and statements in US and foreign prosecution that can result in surrendering claim scope
  • Balancing mitigation techniques against quality and cost

About IP Counsel Café

Established in 2008, IP Counsel Café is an organization comprised of over 3000 IP law professionals.  The organization provides a platform for communication and information exchange among members.  IP Counsel Café annual conferences are designed to assemble the latest industry research and address current trends and forces affecting the IP community.

Panelists from left to right: Ed Guntin - Guntin & Gust (moderator); Scott Lane - Intel; Ceyda Maisami - HP; Scott Pajunas - Google; Alex Silverman - AT&T  

G&G Attorneys: Atanu Das, Ed Guntin and Andrew Raymond at G&G table during IP Counsel Expo.


The Patexia Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report for 2019 reveals Guntin & Gust in the Top 10 of Best Performing Patent Prosecution Firms.

Guntin & Gust Rankings

#1 in Technology Sector

#2 Overall 

The IP Prosecution Report reviews and ranks the top IP law firms and companies based on activity, efficiency and performance.  The data is provided based on different tech areas: High-tech, Bio-tech, and Overall.  The following metrics were analyzed to determine ranking: filing activity, pendency of applications, number of extensions requested, number of office actions, allowance rate, changes in the claim language and length of claims.



Patexia, Inc. is comprised of Patexia Connect (recruiting and experts), Patexia Contest (crowdsourcing prior art), Patexia Research (IP databases), and Patexia Insights (IP reports). The company, founded in 2010, is focused on gathering key IP data that clients can utilize to better evaluate law firms, attorneys and companies.




G&G is a corporate sponsor of the Northwestern University Society of Women Engineers (SWE). As part of the sponsorship, the firm hosted a Lunch & Learn event on campus. Ed Guntin, began by providing the group with an overview of Intellectual Property Law and outlined possible career paths for School of Engineering graduates.

Panelists included:

  • Emer Simic, Partner, Green, Griffith & Borg-Breen
  • Atanu Das, Senior Patent Counsel, Guntin & Gust
  • Caroline Lourgos, Associate, Kirkland & Ellis
  • Mary Fetsco, Associate, Miller, Matthias & Hull

After the presentation, each panelist shared their own unique career progressions and experiences, sparking lively interaction with attendees who were eager to ask questions and learn more about IP Law as a possible career track.

Thank you to all of our panelists who made the time to share their experiences with this great group of students.

Panelists share their experiences with Northwestern Engineering students.

Society of Women Engineers Members



Last year as part of our continued process improvement initiatives, G&G implemented data verification to our docketing process.  Using Foundation IP’s IP One Data System, data is independently verified throughout the life cycle of the patent.

Quality Paralegal, Erik Boyd, who attended the CPA Global Ignite Conference, summarized the the new tool’s scope:

Our docket entries are now compared against a pool of IP data obtained from over 100 external data sources.  The data pool obtained from these sources is updated over 200,000 times a month, which enables us to have a robust process to validate priority claims, publication dates, grant dates, and patent numbers, among other things.


G&G Senior Patent Counsel, Atanu Das, a 2006 alumnus of Loyola Chicago School of Law, is currently a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the school, teaching courses focused on Intellectual Property Law.  Students benefit from his expertise in several high tech areas of IP law. He has written numerous articles pertaining to wireless communication systems and has several new articles soon to be published in top US journals. Look for the following forthcoming articles in 2019:

“Crossing the Line: Department of Homeland Security Unconstitutional Border Search of Mobile Device Data” University Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change

“Unlimited Data Search Plan: Warrantless Border Search of Mobile Device Data Unconstitutional for Violating the Fundamental Right to Informational Privacy” St. John’s Law Review

“Chilling Social Media: Warrantless Border Search of Social Media Infringes the Freedom of Association and the Freedom to be Anonymous of the First Amendment” Brooklyn Law Review