Guntin & Gust captures #1 spot for Top 100 Best Performing Patent Prosecution Law Firms





Patexia evaluates over 3000 law firms nationally and
tens of thousands attorneys annually to deliver
independent rankings on the top 100 firms based on
activity and performance.

Per Patexia, firm performance is measured by efficiency,
which Patexia defines as based on a firm’s success in
obtaining “a valid patent with the broadest feasible claim
in a cost effective and efficient manner.”



In Patexia’s Patent Prosecution 2023 Intelligence Report, Guntin & Gust continued to earn the top spots in two categories:

#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms in High-Tech
#1 – Top 100 Best Performing Law Firms Overall

Additionally, G&G achieved a top 100 ranking for the Top 100 Most Active Firms for 2023.


The firm also had the following six attorneys who made it onto the list of Top 100 Performing Attorneys for High Tech:

• Jay Anderson
• Atanu Das
• Robert Gingher
• Andrew Gust
• Doug Schnabel
• Ralph Trementozzi


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